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Collective Unconscious was formed under way of human evolution, influenced by experiences repeated over generations. Inherited from ancestors as instinctive , archetypical unconscious is expressed in myths, art, religious ceremonies, mystic and paranormal experiences. Collective unconscious is universal way of experiencing, it is common for all nations, but every nation formed his own way of expression. Through our collection we made an attempt to understand polish spirit. We strongly believe that modern design is on the crossroads and it has to find new ways to state our reality. We live in the moment of uncertainty, fear and chaos. The production is bigger than we can consume. In this situation treating design as the way to fulfill human material needs does not answer the questions of our times. That’s why our exhibition focuses on spirituality and the need of transcendent experiences in modern life. We examined ancient Slavic rites and ceremonies to recreate the power of emotions that was aroused during the mysteries. Then we transferred them into modern design language. Polish culture is based on nature and the season changes, that is the structure we build our exhibition on. In the process of civilization man has lost his relation with nature. In the past this rhythm was preserved by the ritual year. We revolved around two polish rites – the Kupala Night (Noc Kupaly) and Dziady (Forefathers' Eve). The former is the ceremony of life, the future, wealth, erotic force, the latter is the mystery of death, the past, recalling ancestors, meditation . Since the past is always an element of the future, we believe that returning to our roots can show us the way of creating the future.
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