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IRRATIONAL TIMES Irrational Times is a Polish-Swedish exhibition of contemporary design, inspired by the mutual impact of Slavic and Scandinavian cultures across history; these influences include e.g. similar technical solutions encountered in the discovered elements of tangible culture as well as myths and legends. The objects for the show are made by the Polish design studio Kosmos Project and by Petra Lilja Design from Sweden.
TRANSITION Transition is an exhibition of utility objects, inspired by human civilization or, rather, its tranformation over the centuries. We live in a time of amazing diversities in the world. The past still persists, while the progress of civilization is rushing faster than ever. Our reality is a mosaic of the past and the new, so abstract that it is difficult for us to comprehend using just intellect. We are witnessing a tremendous development of science in one part of the world, and life which has not changed for thousands of years in the other.
THE SEA CULT Winning back the access to the Baltic sea and building the city of Gdynia was in Poland a time of intensive search for national identity. Part of this search was a propaganda of Slavic Pomerania. The whole country celebrated the Sea Days. The Sea Cult is a collection of objects inspired by these celebrations. A screen, which is a banner of Gosk, the god of seadepths; an armchair that looks like fishing boats, faded from the sun and salt.
THE CURE The Cure is the collection of objects inspired by the whisperers from the east of Poland. It's a kind of whisperer artifacts workshop - wool, ash wood, pine ash mixed with wax, polished salt stone. In folk rituals witchdoctor uses her power through objects? By appropriate intention objects become relays, they get the healing properties. What is the role of intention in object creation? Can the object change the way of influence on the user by adding intention?
COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS Collective Unconscious was formed under way of human evolution, influenced by experiences repeated over generations. Inherited from ancestors as instinctive , archetypical unconscious is expressed in myths, art, religious ceremonies, mystic and paranormal experiences. Our exhibition focuses on spirituality and need of transcendent experiences in modern life. Polish culture is based on the nature and the season changes, that is the structure we build our exhibition on. In the process of civilization man have lost his relation with nature. We consider two polish rites the Noc Swietojanska (ceremony of life, future, erotic force) and Dziady (the mystery of death, past, reminding ancestors). Since the past is always an element of the future, we believe that withdrawal to our roots can show us the way of creating the future.
DEMONS OF THE NATURE Unknown, hidden stimulates imagination, inspires, creates the parallel realities. Polish ancient demonology is full of phanthoms, ghouls and goasts of nature . This world is forgotten in bigger part, but still subcutaneously sensed, archetypical. The world of imagination that play tricks on us rational and fully modern when we abandon civilization for a while. When we realize, that we are connected to the nature in some primitive way we are part of its energy. The demons takes the middle part between the humans and gods, between the materiality and spirituality.
THE HEART Modern life may be rational, surrounded by new technologies, but we've still retained an irrational element. Jung theorized that the collective unconscious was formed under the influence of experiences repeated over generations. Collective Unconsciousnes is Kosmos Project's reflection on modern spirituality. The Heart - deploys the heart shape, identified with the human soul and with laboratory equipment; a symbol of civil progress that, in spite of immense intellectual growth, still fails to convincingly answer existential questions and quell primal anxieties.
THE RADIO Object of everyday use that becomes cultic showing great power of media, loneliness in the contemporary society and the need of belonging to a community.
KNUCKLE-COMB Project Combines feminine delicacy with power that characterize Modern women. Hybrid of everyday use object - a comb with Knuckle-duster. Organic decoration gives it vintage Character of silver combs from 20' and knuckle-duster Gives it naughty, punk style.
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